A 2nd “Pop & Lock” Poll

We’re once again giving you a chance to influence the next song we’re going to learn with our 2nd Pop & Lock Poll! This time the choices are:

  • Meghan Trainor’s Made You Look
  • U2’s I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
  • Treble Charger’s American Psycho
  • Hanson’s MMMBop

In order to avoid some of the *ahem* CHEATING that was taking place last time we did this, we’ll be using Survey Monkey JotForm this time around so you only get one vote per IP address per round. There will be three rounds of voting, and we’ll be posting a new link each week. This means that if you really want to hear us sing some Meghan Trainor, you need to make your friends look at our survey each week, or if you can never seem to find what you’re looking for, let your friends know that you’re voting in this poll and suggest to them that “U2 should have your say.” Using JotForm to limit 1 vote per device each week will mean that we won’t turn into American Psychos and have to MMMBop the results when the same IP address has spammed the form for 2+ solid hours.

The week 1 poll collector will be open until late night Friday, April 14. The week 2 poll collector will then be posted sometime on Saturday, April 15 (stay tuned!) and will be open until late night Friday, April 21. Then the week 3 poll collector link will be posted sometime on Saturday, April 22 (the same day that Ryan and Simon are performing with the Cantabile Singers of Kamloops), and will be open until late night Friday, April 28. (Late night meaning whenever Ryan goes to bed. If he remembers to turn it off…)

Fill out the form below to lock in your vote for the next pop song you’d like to hear us sing. Remember, when you pick your song you are shafting 3 of the guys who don’t get to sing the song they most desire to sing in the whole world. So no pressure.
Just kidding. But not really…

Vote In The Third And Final Round!

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