We Had Such A Great Time In The Santa Claus Parade

slow no tempo singing from a float in the santa claus parade (photo credit: Kamloops Matters)

What a fun time we had singing in the parade! The weather was perfect; not at all cold, the rain happened the day before so the skies were clear, and it wasn’t all that windy. This meant there were a lot of people downtown enjoying the 39th annual Santa Claus Parade. Definitely the most people we’ve performed for as a group. All the floats looked fantastic with the lights and decorations really popping with the shift to a later start time, and everyone was having such a great time. The energy of the crowd was infectious, and we were pumped before our float even got moving.

Singing on a moving stage was a new experience for each of us, which presented some fun challenges at the very beginning but we quickly got the hang of it. It helped that the driver of the truck also managed to settle into a nice smooth journey.

We want to extend a big Thank You to the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association (or Downtown Kamloops if you prefer) for inviting us to sing on their float in the parade. Congratulations on a wonderfully successful 39th annual parade!

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