The Quarantet Project 2.0

the members of slow no tempo posing with their new microphones

Hello friends. We are happy to announce that we are making an improvement to our Quarantet Project. Since it will be a while yet before we can do a regular performance we thought it was time update the Quarantet concept from the original approach of doing out best with what we have on hand. In that vein we have purchased 4 Blue Yeti USB microphones. These will significantly improve the audio quality of our videos, compared to the teeny tiny pinhole microphone in our cell phones.

Now that we can take more of a home studio approach to recording in isolation, we can really focus on the best-sounding recordings possible. This provides us with the ability to have an audio-first approach where we can do multiple takes and edit them together. Of course, this means we’ll be taking a bit more time to create each entry as we begin the Quarantet Project 2.0, so we will no longer be releasing a new video every week but more like every 2-3 weeks, depending on how much time we spend recording and how much “real life” gets in the way. Head over to our YouTube Channel and hit subscribe so you’ll be sure to see every video we release.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout this pandemic, especially everyone who has supported us financially. Your generous support has enabled us to purchase these microphones so that we can create better recordings for everyone to enjoy.
If you would like to support our activities, you can do so at our ko-fi page.

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