Kamloops Singing Valentines

Spreading Messages Of Love On Valentine’s Day

Each year we travel throughout Kamloops on Valentine’s Day spreading messages of love and caring with our Singing Valentines fundraiser. Because the special people in our lives are not the only ones who deserve a little love, we select a different local charity each year to support with this fundraiser.

What Is A Singing Valentine?

A Singing Valentine is the truly memorable, one-of-a-kind experience of having four well-dressed gentlemen appear to perform a special love song and present the recipient with a flower.

A Singing Valentine is an excellent way to show that special someone in your life how much you care for them. Singing Valentines are also a fun way to let a parent, grandparent, sibling, cousin, friend, coworker, team member, etc. know that they are important to you. The cost of a Singing Valentine is $60.

2023 Singing Valentines

The local charity we selected to be the recipient of the 2023 Singing Valentines fundraiser is the Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society. Established in 1972, the Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society provides culturally appropriate programs and inclusive services that meet the needs of urban Indigenous people to improve their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We raised $1,164 in this year’s Singing Valentines!

Nominate Your Favourite Charity

We love to hear your suggestions for local charities. If you’d like to make a suggestion, please fill out this form and tell us who you’d like us to select as the 2024 Singing Valentines Fundraiser recipient and why. We do ask that you make sure they are a federally registered charity before nominating them, as we will only be considering registered charities.

Past Singing Valentines

We have been delivering Singing Valentines since our inception:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you do specific times for deliveries?

There are a LOT of variables outside our control that can really wreck the day if we’re trying to be in a specific place at a specific time. On the more positive side of the coin, having our time-frame based scheduling means we can plot an efficient route which ultimately enables us to make more deliveries than we would otherwise. It also gives us incredible flexibility to adjust when those outside variables strike against us.

Can I get you to sing a specific song?

It takes a lot longer than you might think for us to get a song prepared. Best case scenario, there already exists an arrangement that we like and is suited to our voices that we can purchase and start learning. Sadly, that is rarely the case, so we have to create the arrangement ourselves. (Read, our resident composer gets tasked with writing it) Creating an arrangement from scratch that is worth listening to takes a lot of time. Plus, you’ll need to follow the Canadian League of Composers minimum commissioning rate to have Ryan write it for you. (presently it is $543 per minute of music) Then we need to have a few rehearsals to learn it. So basically, there isn’t enough time to get the order for a delivery, find/write a good arrangement, and then learn it.